Watch for the Dawn
Watch for the Dawn, 1939
Synopsis available soon.
Mamba, 1956
Synopsis available soon.
Hills of Doves
The Hill of Doves, 1941
Synopsis available soon.
Gazella, 1958
Synopsis available soon.
The Fiercest Heart
The Fiercest Heart, 1955
Synopsis available soon.
The Abductors
The Abductors, 1966
Synopsis available soon.
The Thousand and one Nights of Jean Macaque
The Thousand and one Nights of Jean Macaque, 1964
‘If you like Paris naughty but as light and harmless as a soufflé.’
Evening News
Turning Wheels
Turning Wheels, 1937
A novel of the Great Trek

‘A colossal adventure…Cloete’s descriptions of the veld, the hunting and fighting are really magnificent.’
Daily Mail

‘The magnificent, breath-taking saga of the Boer trek..a startlingly fresh passionate novel…with superb people, arresting incident and vivid panorama’
Woman’s Journal
Rags of Glory
Rags of Glory, 1963

An epic novel of the South African War

‘A magnificent book, written by the only sort of man who could give it breadth and depth…his blood enables him to see both sides, his historical vision to see the conflict in depth… and his writing power to make his characters living fiction and reborn fact.’

Evening News

A muscular historical novel that not only brings to life the explosive action of the fighting but also provides a rich social document of the people, traditions, and, above all, the national mentalities that made the war inevitable It holds up superbly as a robust cyclorama of an age that was more virile than many realise.’

Saturday Review

How young they died
How Young They Died, 1969
A novel of the First World War. In his contrast between the horror of the trenches and the glitter of London...
The curve and the tusk
The Curve and the Tusk, 1961
They met at the crossroads of Africa, the giant, ancient tree, whose roots had drunk the blood of men...

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